Membership Letter April 14th – The Fitness Center

Dear Highlands Members,
The good news; the Fitness Center at the Garrison is now available to Highlands members every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 to 7 during the Club season.  Here is some information you’ll need to take advantage of this additional Club benefit:


Where is it?
The Fitness Center is accessed at the back of the main building at the Garrison.  Driving in, you drive down the hill past the main building, following the road as it curves around the back of the building.  The entrance to the Fitness Center is through French doors from a stone path between the two overhanging decks on your right.


Continue past the fitness center and you will see two berms.  Beyond them there is unlimited parking.


Access Code and Key
The key to the Center is in a box at the door.  You will need the access code to get the key which must be returned to the box please.  To get the code, the best approach is to call Chris Wise who is the fitness trainer at the Center and who leases the space from the Garrison.  His number is 914 215 2315.  We would suggest calling Chris in advance of your plans to use the Center so that if you have any trouble reaching him, there will be time for him to call you back.  If you can’t reach Chris, Raquel at the Garrison also has the code.  (As a security measure, Chris prefers not to put the code on line).


Procedures
There is a sign-in book on the shelf in the gym.  Would you please sign in with your name and member number, the date, the time you arrived and the time you left.


Using the equipment; Training
If you are generally familiar with gym equipment, we are told that use of the Center’s equipment should be self-explanatory.  If you would like an introductory run-through to get familiar with the equipment, Chris has kindly volunteered to do this at no charge.  Of course, you can also arrange fitness training with Chris privately.


Some limitations
The arrangements management has made for members can’t be extended to guests or to persons under the age of 18 though children of members, accompanied by a parent, may use the facility if they are 16 or over.   We are all asked to leave the facility in good order and as we found it.


Warm regards,
Tammy Amsalem
Sara Silbiger
Carl Nelson
Rajay Bagaria
Mike & Linda Breen