Membership Letter April 22nd – General

Hello fellow HCC members.

Our committee held its monthly meeting with Chip Allemann and his staff on April 17 to continue working on plans and issues for the fast approaching season. There has been progress in just about every goal the group has discussed and reported to you.

The most exciting and tangible addition to our club experience will be the members’ patio/lounge area.

The members’ patio is already being constructed and with luck, will be ready by Memorial Day, complete with stone borders, a propane barbecue, wood burning fireplace, and outdoor refrigerator.  It will be comfortable and inviting, and will hopefully become a focus of socializing among members. We will have more to report after our next meeting on May 10.

All efforts are being made to find senior supervising staff for the pool.  The pool will be open through Labor Day, but due to the difficulty of finding senior staff there may be different people for different periods. New umbrellas have been ordered for the pool and patio.In light of the concern over the Zika virus, provisions have been made to deal with mosquitoes.  Treatment with Vector has begun and Marti has purchased a case of repellent (after consulting with the CDC) to be made available at the pool and tennis courts.

The courts  opened early and are in great condition.  Martha will be sending out a letter discussing procedures for the coming season. She is back and available for lessons and clinics.

Joe Spivak, the golf pro for the Garrison and Highlands,  gave us a detailed report on the status of improvements to the golf course and other related issues raised by committee members.Improvements include added sand to all sand hazards, and a 600 ft fence along the right side of the fairway at the 8th hole. Joe clarified the question of access to the course in the hours prior to league play on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  Since the Tuesday league plays at 5pm sharp, non-league players can start a 9-hole round no later than 3:30 and must agree to be off the course by 4:45.  The Friday league begins at 4pm, so the last 9-hole round for non-league players will be 2:30, and they must be off the course by 4.
Carts will be stored near the bocce court to make space for our new member outdoor lounge area.  In addition to the $5 per person pay as you go cart fee, a season cart pass will now be available for $199 per member, with the option of adding a spouse for an additional $100.  Cart fees are designed to cover the cost of fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Joe will also look into the hazard to tennis players of golf balls landing on court 4.

The area near the tennis courts will be repaired to correct the mud rut in that area.
Valet parkers for weddings will be instructed to leave parking spaces for members, as well as leave a throughway for golf carts to cross the driveway.

Temporary Toilet:
A temporary portable toilet is scheduled for installation near the members lounge.  It will be cleaned 5 days a week and will be landscaped to make it less visible. A restroom off the pro shop is being considered as one of the improvements for next year.

Special Events:
The first event will be our season kick-off on Friday, May 27 and will have a 1950’s diner theme.  This event will be free to members and include dinner and drinks.  We hope there will be a good turnout!

There will be a golf opener event to be announced by email soon.

Committee member Linda Breen will be working with Marissa, Marti and James to solicit member interests for special events.  Any and all ideas are welcome, please reach out to us. We would love to hear from you and encourage your participation in putting together events.

Management has agreed to waive initiation fees for returning members, so if anyone knows of former members who might be interested in rejoining, please encourage them.

Programs for Children:
There are already tennis and golf clinics for kids and a special event on the last day of school. We would like to find a member (or committee) to work with Chip to spearhead more programs for the children.  Don’t hesitate to get involved!!

We are all excited about the upcoming season, see you all on May 27!!

Tammy Amsalem
Sara Silbiger
Carl Nelson
Rajah Bagaria
Mike & Linda Breen