Membership Letter May 13th – General

Dear Highlands Members,
The committee met with Chip and Marti on May 10 to continue following up on previously discussed issues.  We are happy to report that all is going well and on track to ensure a great season.  If you have not yet renewed your membership, please contact Marti Ajello for information or an application ( 845-424-3604 ext. 27).  If you have not been a member in recent years, we think you will be pleased with new changes.  Reinstatement fees have been waived and we hope you will re-join!


In response to some members’ concerns, there will now be an adult presence at the pool several days a week.  William Bowman, who is a certified lifeguard as well as lifeguard trainer currently working at Premier Athletic club, will begin working the week of May 27, through Labor Day. The pool has been treated for mosquitoes.

Improvements have been made to the bunker on hole 6, as well as the fencing on hole 5. The pond will be treated for algae and will be aerated as was before.  This should alleviate any problems from stagnant water.


Special Events:
The special events committee, which includes Linda Breen, Tammy Amsalem and James Brown, will be considering events and activities for the summer.  If anyone has any ideas they would like to have implemented, please get in touch!!  All suggestions are welcome.

We would like to emphasize that the Club has two main categories of membership: Pool and Club.  In each category, there are single and family memberships.  Pool members can only use the pool, while Club members can enjoy both tennis and golf, as well as the pool.  Traditionally there has been little crossover, and both groups are eager for new members.  We agreed that emails/communications concerning these activities should be distributed to all club members to encourage greater participation, as there are many tennis members who play golf and vice-versa.

For example, there will be an informal golf mixer on May 27 before the dinner, and a golf scramble and lunch on Memorial Day.  The Friday night golf league starts June 3.  All club members are welcome.  Likewise for tennis events, such as Breakfast at Wimbledon, clinics, and other activities.  For golf events, please contact John and Maureen Towler and for tennis events please contact Martha Rowley (845) 476-0380.

Children of pool members are welcome to participate in any kids’ golf or tennis clinics (and pay related clinic fees).  Outside of the clinic times, however, the tennis courts and golf course are available only to club members (as opposed to pool members).

Website and Roster:

The club is in the process of creating a member-only portal on the Highlands Country Club website. This will give members access to a current member list, an event & activities calendar, and an option to pay their Highlands bill online. To have your name and information included on the member roster, you must opt in. To do this, we kindly ask you to send your name, and your email address and/or phone number you would like to include in our list to Maxie Groebner ( who handles the Club’s website. We highly encourage you to be part of this list to help communications within the Highlands Country Club and to stay up to date on events and news. Once all the pages have been set up, you will receive an email with instructions to create your member log in. There will also be a print version, as in years past, that will be mailed to all members. It will not be made available to non-members.

Member Lounge:

The beautiful new outdoor member lounge area is nearly complete, sporting a brand new gas grill, fireplace and refrigerator.  Cushions and furniture are on the way, and landscaping will provide privacy from the parking areas. The new wine selections are now available at the pro shop.

May 27 Picnic:
We hope everyone will come out for our first event to kick off the season.  There will be a 1950s diner theme (think Grease).  The event is free to all members, and guests are welcome for a fee. There will be an open bar throughout the evening.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Warm regards,

Tammy Amsalem
Sara Silbiger
Carl Nelson
Rajay Bagaria
Mike & Linda Breen