Membership Letter April 1st – General

Dear Highlands Members,
Here is a much belated letter from your Highlands Committee reporting on our March 13th meeting with Chip Allemann and his staff on plans for this season at the Highlands.  Once again, the meeting was really constructive with lots of feedback on the ideas we’ve reported on in past letters.


Fitness Center starting April 1
Chip reported that he’s made arrangements to make the fitness center at the Garrison available to Highlands members on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5 to 7 p.m. starting April 1st.  Chris Wise is the trainer at the facility and we will be working out arrangements with him for access.  We will post a follow up notice to you with details on how to locate and enter the center and any guidelines on use that Chris would like us to know about.


Food and Wine: Member discounts
As we didn’t receive any feedback on the proposed menu and wine list, we’ll start the season with the lists we sent with our last letter with a 10% discount to members.  The discount to members was already included in the wine pricing in our last mailing, so the prices listed on the actual menu will be ten percent higher, but you’ll get the discount bringing the wine prices down to those on the menu we sent you last time.  To take advantage of discounts, members just have to put their food and wine purchases on their account when signing for the items. Members will also get a 10% discount on beer, soda and candy items in the Pro Shop when they charge them to their account. The Club’s accounting will give you the discount when they send you your monthly bill.


Pool Update
Every effort is being made to identify and hire an adult supervisor for the pool who is available for the entire season, but so far without success.  If you know anyone you would recommend, please let us know.  In any case, we have continued assurance that the pool will be open through Labor Day and that the lifeguards we do have will be supervised to assure that while on duty, their attention is solely on pool safety.  The Committee raised some concerns members have passed on: installation of umbrellas, availability of lanes for lap swimming, and insect control.  It was agreed that lap lane availability and policies will be posted.  The Club already has some insect control measures in place and will continue to focus on the issue.


Member Special Events
Chip and his staff are enthusiastic about having member involvement in planning special events and encouraging participation.  We’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions for special events and especially, from people willing to participate in planning.  It would be fine to have a different group help with the organization of each event.  Please get involved; at least let us know what interests you: e.g. movie nights, special activities for kids and/or families, golf and tennis events, wine tastings, bingo, music, dancing —- let us know.


Tennis:   Martha back on April 15th
As you’ve already heard, the hard court is up and ready for play.  The preparation of the Har Tru courts is subject to lots of unknowns, including the weather and the schedule of the new organization that will do the work, but the goal is May 1st with possible slippage to May 15th.    Our pro, Martha Rowley, reports back to HCC on April 15th.


Golf : Improvements in discussion
Our golf pro, Joe Spivak, will be back and attending the next Committee meeting so discussion of a number of the suggestions for improvements on the course was deferred.  We’ll have much more to report after our next meeting in April.  One issue raised by golfers at our last meeting was the inconvenience of the available toilet facilities.  The Club has agreed to an interim solution; the installation of an “up-scale”, attractive, landscaped and regularly maintained temporary facility available from May to October.


Bar, Patio and Terrace
At our March meeting Chip provided some exciting drawings showing the proposed new member Terrace, a very ample and attractively landscaped area adjacent to the golf course side of the pro shop.  Changes to the physical plant of the Club require the approval of the owners of both the land and the scenic easement on the land so, for further news, we’ll have to await their decisions.  Chip has presented the plans to them and it looks as if their written consent will be coming soon.


Parking: improved layout
The Club will undertake measures to control parking for weddings and other outside events to assure better availability to members.  Pavers will be placed in the spots on the grass adjacent to the tennis area to remove the problem of ruts and mud.


Membership: waived initiation fees for returning members
For members who have left the Club in recent years but would like to come back, there will be no additional initiation charge.  So please pass on the word to anyone you know for whom this would be helpful information.  And certainly, if you know people who are thinking of joining for the first time, it would be great if you could pass on information about the new developments and encourage them to join.

Warm regards,
Tammy Amsalem
Sara Silbiger
Carl Nelson
Rajay Bagaria
Mike & Linda Breen